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29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar Live at Knitting Factory New York Sten Hostfalt's '02 debute as a solo concert performer was the first of the many solo concerts during the past 12 years, that have included New York City's Symphony Space, Issue Project Room, ABC No Rio, Freddy's Backroom, The C-note, Lucky Cat and Eat Records, Boston's Zeitgeits Gallery-where Hostfalt's second solo album Macroscope was rcorded in 2006. As well as performance lectures at New World School Of The Arts, Miami FL and Jon Damian's Creative Workshop, Berklee College Of Music.

The fall 2014 solo concert world premiere of For New Microtonal Pieces at the XXXV Encontres Internacional de Compositors Festival Mallorca, Spain meant the international (outside of U.S.A.) solo concert debut.

As a result of extended solo work, more or less related collaborations has included or generated duos with drummer/electronica artist Lise-Lotte Norelius ( at Le Triton, Paris France 2002) bassist Ulf Akerhielm (at Herman's, Stockholm Jazz Festival week 2001) and in New York City violinist Katt Hernandez, bassist Bruno Raberg, poet Raymond Todd and more extensively with saxophonist Blaise Siwula ( see Sten Hostfalt / Blaise Siwula below ) at Philadelphia's Bowerbird, Boston's Lizard Lounge (shared event with Club D-Elf and Dave Tronzo) and New York City's Carlito's Cafe' / Art For Change, Perch Cafe', Stain Bar, Caffe Vivaldi, Pussycat Lounge and Louis 649.

With the electronica aspect of the solo performances in turn somewhat related through Hostfalt's 2007-11 concert appearances as an electric bassist with electro performer Collin Palmer AKA Calmer at New York City venues Galapagos Art Space, Public Assembly, Karma Lounge, Percussion Lab, Nublu, Halcyon Records and Gramercy Theater NYC
in shared events with Theophilus London, Addiquit, Machinedrum, The Polish Ambassador, Praveen, Keith Murray (DEF SQUAD) and MOBY.

From 2012 Sten Hostfalt's solo work would also be featured in duo collaborations with dance artist / choreographer Savina Theodorou.






The large ensemble performing Sten Hostfalt's microtonal music was assembled for the very first time, March 13 2014 at ShapeShifter Lab New York City and then again at same venue, June 19 same year.

First with a 15-piece ensemble and the choreography and dance of Savina Theodorou, aided by Rachel Wynne. The ensemble had two drummers Jimmy Weinstein and Dave Miller, two bassists Shayna Dulberger ( acoustic ) and Matthew Garrison ( electric ) and two vocalists - Constance Cooper and Liliana Santon. Evan Gallagher on Casio keyboards, Takuya Nakamura, Trumpet, Robyn Siwula on Viola, Claire de Brunner on Bassoon, Stan Nishimura-trombone, Noah Preminger on Tenor Saxophone.

The second Dimensional States performance sported a 12-piece lineup which was similar-except sans dance and without electric bass, Dave Miller being the only drummer and Constance Cooper the only vocalist and this time with the Tenor Saxophone handled by Ole Mathisen.






Leading / co-leading Trios and Quartets ever since the late 1970's,
more often in relative obscurity than not, the first officially released documentation of Sten Hostfalt's music for small groups was on a Scandinavian 1981 cassette compilation release by Swedish fanzine Moderned Pop titled Drommar I Faksimile. which marked Hostfalts recording debut both as a co-leader, co-composer & featured soloist.

After being featured on a 1991 promotional CD release for Berklee College Of Music, as a soloist with Herb Pomeroy's Berklee Concet Jazz Orchestra AKA 'The Recording Band', a 1992 studio session with Hostfalts own quartet with Matthew Garrison on bass, Takuya Nakamura-trumpet and Blake Lindberg-drums was organized and would later be included on the 2002 CD Eternity Check-then coupled with a 2001 studio recording of the Scandinavian trio Tura Leri with Lise-Lotte Norelius on drums and Magnus Lind on accordion.

Although coming to New York in 1994 as a member of Guillermo Klein's large ensemble Big Van and weekly performances at Mitch Borden's Small Jazz Club was mostly a sideman endavour, it also led to a handful local NYC trio performances administrered by drummer Mike Mazor, with bassists Reid Anderson or Johannes Wiedenmueller.

As a result of late 90's big band tours, recordings and radio broadcasts in Scandinavia-in 1998, following a string of quartet performances in Sweden, including at The Sandviken Big Bang Jazz Festival, grants from the Swedish Council for the Arts facilitated a Swedish Radio Studio recording of a handfui of Sten Hostfalt original compositions released in Scandinavia under a co-leader group name as "Feel Real" and then released in U.S.A. in 2008 as Sten Hostfalt Quartet.

The 2001-02 NYC solo work+related Scandinavian and French duo, trio project collaborations lead up to Sten Hostfalt's very shortlived ( two 2006 concerts only-at Brooklyn's Night & Day and Live at Rose) local New York City Third-Stream drumless trio Soft Value comprised of Sten Hostfalt-guitar, Tom Beckham-vibraphone & Matt Pavolka-bass

Sometimes duo and sometimes trio or quartet Ghost Factor-eventually G-Factor sported more of an avant angle ( than Soft Value ). These 2006-08 lineups would include vocalist Melissa Kassel, bassist Bruno Raberg, poet Raymond Todd, saxophonist Matt Renzi and Bruce Arnold on guitar/laptop. The 2011 CD MoneyTown, recorded live in 2007 by Mark Trewella is the preserved document of G-Factor. After a 2008 concert event at NYC's Bowery Poetry Club, the name G-Factor would first be used instead, only to then be gradually dropped altogether.

In turn, then a Contemporary Jazz songformat oriented quartet or sometimes guitar-sax-drums trio, based on Sten Hostfalt-guitar and compositions with Marko Djordjevic-drums, Tim Luntzel-bass and Ole Mathisen-tenor saxophone performed as K-MOD in NYC 2009-11.

Recent (as in past 5 or so years) incarnations have included trios and quartets combining-unifying past projects, such as a 2011 quartet at Shrine Harlem, with drummer Federico Ughi, bassist Shayna Dulberger and Blaise Siwula on reeds, and a 2013 concert with drummer Jimmy Weinstein and vocalist Liliana Santon at East Village club Nublu.









Saxophonist Blaise Siwula, who Time Out NY describes as a
"mainstay on the downtown NY scene" has been a frequent collaborator during about a hundred performances in lineups
from duo to large ensemble ever since 2008. The album
Now Matter
( Sonus Rex 2011 ) documents one of their first
recorded sessions.

Among the many NYC venues played over the past seven or so
years are ABC No Rio, The Brecht Forum, The Yippie Cafe' Goodbye Blue Monday, University Of The Streets, Everything Goes Book Cafe' Staten Island, Paterson New Jersey. Shared performances with Tim Berne, Herb Robertson, Daniel Carter, Bob Stewart, Ray Anderson.














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