Sten Hostfalt


06.19.06 Evan Gallagher's Ensemble
ABC No Rio 156 Rivington St.Lower East
Side New York City
Next to last (ever) concert in the legendary
landmark 156 Rivington ABC No Rio building
before its demolishing and re-building.

05.15.16 Evan Gallagher's Large Ensemble
Downtown New York avantgarde scene veteran
(since the early 80s') Casio keyboard wiz and
John Zorn's COBRA alum Evan Gallagher leads
his always unique ensemble, typically hosting
the city's most original improvisers at ABC No
Rio, Lower East Side NYC 156 Rivington Street
NYC's longest running improvised music series
-C.O.M.A. at New York legendary independent
culture, music and art landmark ABC No Rio

May 25-29 2016 New York Jazz Academy
Jazz Intensives
dircted by Michael Webster
- tenor saxophone, feat. Blair Milne-drums
and Sten Hostfalt-guitar & electric bass.
Ensemble classes, instrument & theory
instruction, sessions and performances.

04.03.16 Evan Gallagher's 'Flagrant'
@ ABC No Rio JazzTimes announcement
Richard Keene-oboe, Frank Keeley-saxes.
Rocco John Iacovone-alto saxophone,
Sten Hostfalt-guitar, Joe Gallant-bass
Evan Gallagher-Casio CTG611/01
David Gould-percussion
Bruce Golden-composer, percussion
Marc Dale-conducting, John McDonough-tpt.
Kevin Schmidt-bass trombone, tuba

07.17.15 New York Jazz Academy Concert
(Student & Faculty) Summer Jazz Intensives
at Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew 263 W86 th St.
New York. Dir. by Javier Arau. Faculty work &
concert feat. Mike Webster-Tenor Saxophone.,
Brian Woodruff-drums, Adam Birnbaum-piano,
Tammy Scheffer-voice, Ron McLure-bass and
Sten Hostfalt-guitar.

04.05.15 Constance Cooper Quartet, ABC No Rio NYC
01.04.15 Constance Cooper Trio
, ABC No Rio NYC


DE COMPOSITORS Fundacio' Pilar i Joan Miro'

Palma de Mallorca, España SOLO CONCERT


11.23.14 Yoga House, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Jimmy Weinstein, Toni Miranda, Sten Hostfalt,
Marko Lohikari, Liliana Santon.


The Microtonal Music of Sten Hostfalt

at ShapeShifter Lab
New York City
Constance Cooper Claire de Brunner Ole Mathisen
Stan Nishimura Takuya Nakamura Robyn Siwula
Evan Gallagher Shayna Dulberger Dave Miller

04.06.14 ABC No Rio NYC Evan Gallaghers Large Ensemble.

03.24.14 GBM NYC Stan Nishimura Quartet ft.
Julianne Carney, Evan Gallagher, Sten Hostfalt


03.13.14 at ShapeShifter Lab NYC
The Microtonal Music of Sten Hostfalt

Lilliana Santon, Constance Cooper voice Robyn Siwula viola
Takuya Nakamura trumpet Claire de Brunner bassoon
Stan Nishimura trombone Noah Preminger tenor saxophone
Evan Gallagher casio keyb. Matthew Garrison electric bass
Shayna Dulberger acoustic bass. Jimmy Weinstein drums
Dave Miller drums
Savina Thedorou dance/choreography,
Rachel Wynne-dance. Sten Hostfalt-

JAZZ TIMES Press Announcement
TIME OUT NY Press Announcement


01.24.14 New York Jazz Academy Orchestra
The Stern Auditorium Carnegie Hall New York



Stan Nishimura Ensemble :
08.27.2013 Freddys, Brooklyn NYC
08.13.2013 Nublu, East Village NYC
06.22.2013 CultureFix, Lower East Side NYC

06.16.2013 Evan Gallaghers Large Ensemble
ABC No Rio Lower East Side, New York City

06.07.2013 Savina Theodorou-dance,
and Sten Hostfalt-guitar 'Neither Do I'
at Cave, Brooklyn New York City.

05.12.2013 Parkside Lounge New York City
Stan Nishimura Evan Gallagher Sten Hostfalt.

04.09.2013 Nublu New York City
Sten Hostfalt-guitar, Jimmy Weinstein-drums,
Liliana Santon-voice Blaise Siwula-alto sax

02.09.2013 Joe Maneri Tribute
Douglass Street Collective Neew York City
feat. Noah Kaplan, Ben Jaffee, Abe Maneri,
Matt Moran, Simon Jermyn, Ed Schuller, Steve
Dalachinsky, Savina Theodorou, Sten Hostfalt.

12.23.2012 Sten Hostfalt Solo ABC No Rio NY

Blaise Siwula-saxophones/Sten Hostfalt-guitar
09.16.2012 MusiXplore, Paterson New Jersey
06.21.2012 Mulberry St. Library New York City

06.03.2012 Savina Theodorou-dance and
Sten Hostfalt-guitar at ABC No Rio NYC
02.19.2012 Sten Hostfalt Solo ABC No Rio NYC
02.09.2012 Joe Maneri Tribute Concert
Douglass St. Collective Brooklyn NYC feat.
Mat Maneri, Abe Maneri, Ben Jaffe, David
Rothenberg, Michael Attias, Lucian Ban, Noah
Kaplan, Russ Lossing, Simon Jermyn, Gerald
Cleaver, Roy Campbell, Steve Dalachinsky,
Jonathan Wood Vincent, Sten Hostfalt.

01.10.2012 Sten Hostfalt Solo Symphony Space NYC
01.01.2012 Blaise Siwula/Sten Hostfalt ABC No Rio NY

12.02.2011 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Papacookie NYC
(shared event w. Wingbridge ft. Matt Wilson-drums)
08.25.2011 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Symphony Space NYC
07.13.2011 Blaise Siwula Ensemble Local 269 NYC

(shared event w. Ray Anderson/Bob Stewart Duo)
06.25.2011 Sten Hostfalt Solo at Gizzi's NYC
06.19.2011 Cheryl Pyle Trio at ABC No Rio NYC
05.28.2011 Calmer at Gramercy Theater NYC
05.06.2011 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Shrine Harlem NYC
02.27.2011 Bato 'The Yugo' Andonov Nublu NYC

02.24.2011 Siwula/Hostfalt, University of The Streets NY
02.06.2011 Bato The Yugo Andonov, Nublu NYC
01.14.2011 Sten Hostfalt's K-MOD, Shrine Harlem NY
12.26.2011 NY Jazz Academy Orchestra at Carnegie Hall,
Stern Auditorium New York ft. Wayne Escoffery-tenor sax.

12.18.2010 Sten Hostfalt Solo QCC Bayside NY

01.16.2010 Jessica Betts Ashford & Simpson's Sugarbar
09.23.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Shrine Harlem NYC

08.25.2010 Blaise Siwula/Sten Hostfalt, GBM NYC
08.08.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Local 269 NYC
07.30.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio Shrine Harlem NYC

06.14.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio Spike Hill NYC
06.13.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio Nublu NYC
06.06.2010 Siwula/Hostfalt/Miller ABC No Rio NYC
05.16.2010 Bato 'The Yugo' Andonov at Nublu NYC
05.10.2010 Blaise Siwula/Sten Hostfalt, GBM NYC
03.01.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Spike Hill NYC
02.09.2010 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Puppets Jazz NYC

12.31.09 Trudy Silver Trio 5C Cafe' NYC
12.29.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble Otto's NYC
12.19.09 Trudy Silver Trio 5C Cafe' NYC
ft. Jerome Ellis-tenor-t.sax, Hilliard Greene-bs.
12.07.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble GBM NYC
11.28.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Puppets Jazz NYC

11.18.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble Yippie Cafe' NYC
11.04.09 New World School of The Arts, Miami, FL
Sten Hostfalt microtonal guitar lecture

10.26.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Spike Hill NYC
10.24.09 Calmer Pub
lic Assembly NYC
10.18.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble ABC No Rio NYC
10.17.09 Private Function, Liberty Tavern, Union NJ
10.05.09 Siwula/Hostfalt GBM NYC
10.04.09 Bato 'The Yugo' Andonov Nublu NYC
09.05.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Puppets Jazz, NYC

08.23.09 Bato 'The Yugo' Andonov Nublu, NYC
08.23.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble ABC No Rio NYC
07.29.09 w. Blaise Siwula/Shiro Onuma Freddy's NYC
07.20.09 ABC No Rio ensemble Brecht Forum NYC
07.06.09 Sten Hostfalt Quartet Spike Hill NYC
06.21.09 ABC No Rio, NYC Blaise Siwula ensemble
06.30.09 GBM NYC Blaise Siwula/Sten Hostfalt

06.12.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Puppets Jazz NYC
06.07.09 Calmer at Nublu NYC
06.02.09 Siwula/Hostfalt Yippie Cafe NYC,
05.29.09 Siwula/Hostfalt Freddy's Backroom NYC
05.18.09 Sten Hostfalt Quartet Spike Hill NYC
05.01.09 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
04.21.09 Sten Hostfalt Quartet Puppets Jazz NYC
04.14.09 Calmer at Public Assembly NYC

03.29.09 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
03.15.09 Blaise Siwula Quartet ABC No Rio NYC
03.07.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Greenpoint Jazz Festival NYC

02.27.09 Calmer at Halcyon Records NYC
02.25.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio at The Annex NYC
02.11.09 Siwula / Hostfalt GBM NYC
02.05.09 Siwula/Hostfalt/de Brunner Yippie Cafe NYC
01.12.09 Sten Hostfalt Trio Freddy's Backroom NYC

01.11.09 Blaise Siwula Ensemble ABC No Rio NYC

12.31.08 Blaise Siwula Ensemble Brecht Forum NYC
event also feat. Bern Nix, Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle
12.12.08 Sten Hostfalt Trio, Stain Bar NYC
12.06.08 Legends Of All Time, Otto's NYC
12.05.08 Blaise Siwula Ensemble Otto's NYC
11.21.08 Siwula/Hostfalt GBM NYC
11.20.08 Siwula/Hostfalt GBM NYC
11.20.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
11.15.08 Blaise & Robyn Siwula, Sten Hostfalt
at Everything Goes Book Cafe' Staten Island NYC
10.26.08 Sten Hostfalt Trio Freddy's NYC
10.23.08 Calmer at Public Assembly NYC
C M J event also featuring M O B Y
10.19.08 Blaise Siwula Ensemble ABC No Rio NYC
10.10.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
10.09.08 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI, Nublu NYC
10.07.08 Siwula/Hostfalt GBM NYC
10.02.28 Calmer, 205 Club NYC
09.26.08 Sten Hostfalt G-Factor Otto's NYC
09.21.08 Siwula/Hostfalt ABC No Rio NYC
event also feat. Tim Berne, Herb Robertson
09.18.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
09.09.08 Siwula/Hostfalt at GBM NYC
08.30.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Otto's NYC
08.15.08 Siwula / Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
08.03.08 Sten Hostfalt's K-MOD Freddy's NYC
07.31.08 Calmer at Karma Lounge NYC
07.19.08 Calmer at Galapagos Art Space NYC
event also feat Keith Murray ( DEF SQUAD )
07.07.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
07.06.08 Blaise Siwula Ensemble ABC No Rio NYC
06.28.08 Siwula / Hostfalt Yippie Cafe' NYC
event also feat. Mike Irwin, Daniel Carter
06.07.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
05.28.08 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor Otto's NYC
05.17.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
04.19.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
03.23.08 Sten Hostfalt's K-MOD Freddy's NYC
03.16.08 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor ABC No Rio NYC
ft. Melissa Kassel-voice, Matt Renzi-tenor saaxophone
03.07.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC
02.25.08 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor ft. Matt Renzi,
and Marko Djordjevic at Bowery Poetry Club NYC
01.27.08 Sten Hostfalt's K-MOD Freddy's NYC
01.19.08 Siwula/Hostfalt Stain Bar NYC

12.17.07 Siwula/Hostfalt at Stain Bar NYC
12.13.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor, Otto's NYC
ft. Matt Renzi-saxophone, Marko Djordjevic-drums
11.17.08 Uwe Petersen 3, Marriot Hotel, Newark NJ
11.04.07 Uwe Petersen 3, Harrar Cafe' South Orange NJ
10.28/07 Uwe Petersen 3, Harrar Cafe' South Orange NJ
08.19.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor Freddy's NYC
08.13.07 Sten Hostfalt Ghost Factor GBM NYC
ft. Melissa Kassel, Bruce Arnold, Matt Renzi.
07.30.07 Sten Hostfalt Ghost Factor Otto's NYC
07.16.07 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI Village MA, NYC
ft. Janek Gwizdala-electric bass. Sten Hostfalt-guitar
07.02.07 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI Village MA NYC
06.10.07 Sten Hostfalt Ghost Factor ABC No Rio NYC
ft. Melissa Kassel-voice, Bruno Raberg-acoustic bass
05.26.07 Calmer at Percussion Lab BKLYN NYC
05.15.07 Sten Hostfalt Ghost Factor, The Hook NYC
04.13.07 Sten Hostfalt/Bruno Raberg Caffe' Vivaldi NYC
04.30.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor Monkeytown NYC
03.15.07 Hostfalt/Raberg Lizard Lounge, Cambridge MA
shared event with Club D'Elf featuring David Tronzo
02.26.07 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI at Village MA, NYC
02.25.07 Raymond Todd/Robyn Siwula ABC No Rio NYC
02.23.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor, Stain Bar NYC
02.12.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor, Otto's NYC
02.09.07 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor, Stain Bar NYC
02.05.07 Raymond Todd Ensemble, GBM NYC
01.24.07 Sten Hostfalt/Bruno Raberg, Carlito's NYC
01.17.07 Sten Hostfalt/Bruno Raberg Pussycat Lounge NYC
01.05.07 Sten Hostfalt Ghost Factor Stain Bar NYC

12.23.06 Sten Hostfalt's Ghost Factor Stain Bar NYC
ft. Jimmy Weinstein-drums and Liliana Santon-voice
12.21.06 Raymond Todd & Co., Spoken Words Cafe' NYC
ft. Jimmy Weinstein, Liliana Santon and Sten Hostfalt
12.11.06 Raymond Todd (poetry) & Co. GBM NYC
11.13.06 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI Village MA NYC
ft. Nir Felder-guitar, Sten Hostfalt-electric bass
11.04.06 Recording Exchange, Hogar Collection NYC
Performance Piece for 8 Guitars by Jeffrey Thompson
10.22.06 Sten Hostfalt Solo, ABC No Rio NYC
09.30.06 Sten Hostfalt/Katt Hernandez, Perch Cafe' NYC
08.11.06 Hostfalt/Hernandez, Bowerbird Philadephia PA
11.04.06 Sten Hostfalt/Owen Howard Louis 649 NYC
08.02.06 Sten Hostfalt's Soft Value, Live at Rose NYC
ft. Matt Pavolka-ac.bass, Tom Beckham-vibraphone.

07.07.06 Sten Hostfalt's Soft Value, Night & Day NYC
ft. Matt Pavolka-ac.bass, Tom Beckham-vibraphone
05.22.06 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI Village MA NYC
ft. Matt Pavolka-acoustic bass, Sten Hostfalt-guitar
05.21.06 Sten Hostfalt/Katt Hernandez ABC No Rio NYC
04.20.06 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Issue Project Room NYC
03.13.06 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Zeitgeist Gallery Combridge MA
03.13.06 Sten Hostfalt Microtonal Clinic / Workshop at
Jon Damian's Creative Workshop, Berklee College Of Music
02.17.06 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Freddy's Backroom NYC
01.09.06 Marko Djordjevic's SVETI Village MA NYC
ft. Brad Mason-tpt, Matt Pavolka-bass, Sten Hostfalt-gtr.
01.04.06 Sten Hostfalt Solo, The Lucky Cat NYC

12.18.05 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Eat Records NYC
11.05.05 Sten Hostfalt Solo, The C-Note NYC

11.12.03 Lisa Miskovsky MTV recording 'Sing To Me'
08.03 Sten Hostfalt/Ulf Akerhielm, Herman's NYC
Stockholm Jazz Festival Week, Stockholm Sweden

08.29.02 Sten Hostfalt Solo, Knitting Factory NYC
Live recording: 29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar
Funded by The Arts Grants Committee of Sweden


Swedish Cultural Council For The Arts funded.
05.21.02 Karwan/TuraLeri, Le Triton Paris France
05.19.02 Karwan/TuraLeri Jazz a Rueil Paris France
Sten Hostfalt's Tura Leri: Lise-Lotte Norelius-dr.
David Boato-tpt, Sten Hostfalt-gtr, electronics.
Michael Barbaud's Karwan: Gilles Andrieux-Saz,
Olivier Ker Ourio-harmonica, Jean-Yves Roucan-dr.
Laurent Fradelizi-ac.bass, Michel Barbaud-piano.

02.03.01 Recording SAMI Studios Stockholm Sweden
TuraLeri ft. Lise Lotte Norelius-dr. Magnus Lind-acc.
Sten Hostfalt-guitar and compositions.


Tours, Concerts, Festivals, Broadcasts, Recordings
with Sandviken Big Band ( Sweden ) featuring
Deborah Brown-voice, Rob McConnell-trombone,
Bobby Shew-trumpet + Scandinavian Jazz artists
Katrine Madsen, Marie Bergman, Victoria Tolstoy,
Sharon Dyall, Svante Thuresson, Claes Jansson,
Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson, Lars Erstrand, Ulf
Johamsson-Werre, Gavle Symphony Orchestra.

Recordings for Sittel and Four Leaf Clover (STIM)
Jazz Festivals : Dalsbruk ( Finland ),
Sandvika (Norway) Sandviken Big Bang,
Ystad, Linkoping (Sweden) Trencin (Slovakia)
Shared events : James Moody, Phil Woods,
Tower Of Power, Mike Stern, Niels-Henning
Orsted Pedersen, Woody Herman Big Band.

Elexir feat. Sten Hostfalt-guitar/compositions.
quartet concerts at Uppsala Jazz Club,
Gavle Art Museum, Sandviken Big Bang
Jazz Festival.
1998 Swedish Radio Gavle
recording session/CD release "Feel Real"

Sten Hostfalt Duo / Trio Performances
Radio Vastmanland Broadcast, Sweden
Vasteras Public Library Vasteras Sweden
The Jazz Museum, Stromsholm Sweden

Boston, New York City, Buenos Aires
1995 Argentina Tour : Centro Cultural
San Martin Jazz Festival, La Trastienda
Buenos Aires Argentina. Knitting Factory
NYC, Smalls Jazz Club weekly 1994-95.
Boston 1993-94 Scullers Jazz Club and
The Middle East Cafe' Cambridge MA.
1994 recording session Mastersound
Astoria NY/CD release BIG VAN (Beat)
re-release: El Minotauro (Candid/1997)

Boston MA 1989-94 Concert Performances
Jimmy Giuffre, Clare Fischer, Joe Maneri,
Gary Burton, Peter Erskine, Phil Wilson's
Berklee Rainbow Band, Herb Pomeroy's
Jazz Orchestra (Berklee 'Recording Band')
The NEC Big Band (dir. by George Russell)
John Zorn's COBRA directed by Steve Drury
Jordan Hall concert/worldwide broadcast.
Concerts at: Ryles Jazz Club, The Eastern
Front, Middle East Cafe', Nightstage, BPC
The Berklee Performance Center. Shared
events with Lunachicks, Therapy ( IR )

1991 Berklee CD compilation release

Sten Hostfalt Trio / Quartet concert
performances at The Willow, WBRS
radio broadcast, and at New England
Conservatory. 1992 Toxic Audio quartet
recording session initiated by Paul Bley,
released in 2001 as 'Eternity Check'

1987-88 Paris France, Copenhagen Denmark
Solo / Duo Street Concert Performances.

1984-87 Sten Hostfalt Trio/Quartet concerts
Malmo, Lund, Kalix and Stockholm Sweden

1981 Drommar i Faksimile ( Modernes Pop )
Cassette Compilation release, Vasteras Sweden.

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